Odd Truth Inc. is a media production company, founded by Nicolas Dedual, specializing in comic books, video games, animation and other forms of storytelling. Our goal is to provide quality entertainment across multiple platforms, using them to their fullest storytelling potential. We believe the consumer is clamoring for fresh, original content that, at times, provides a different perspective: a kind of odd truth that both enlightens and entertains. Join us on this wonderful ride.


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  • Everyone’s a critic

    Greetings everyone, Last week, a couple of things happened which prompted the impetus to write this post. First, I saw an advanced screening of Oculus thanks to the Reddit team at Relativity Media, who were kind to invite the reddit community to a screening in NY after Karen Gillan’s iAmA. Second, How I Met Your […]

  • Torchbearer updates and Asbury Park

    Greetings everyone, To say that things have been quiet on this site would be an understatement, I think. Our silence hasn’t been due to a lack of information, but rather the convergence of circumstances starting out with my other business interfering with Odd Truth as a result of a client’s failure to pay his debt for […]

  • Updates, and notes on making comics during the Great Recession

    Greetings everyone, As you’ve noticed, we’ve recently had to scale back on the frequency of updates regarding the latest happenings here at Odd Truth. To be honest, the main reason has been because of my day job. We’re about to deploy an app I’ve been redesigning for the past few months, so for the past […]