Novel Writing Week 2: Progress!!

Novel Writing Week 2: Progress!!
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Greetings everyone,

This week’s novel writing progress will be brief. I’ve finished Chapter 1 and am in the process of writing Chapter 2.

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I can safely say about the novel right now :-/ . The process has been slow, as there are some things brewing with Odd Truth that will be discussed in part tomorrow, and at a later time. If I’m to write 23.5 more chapters by the 30th, I need to have at least 6 chapters by Monday, followed by a chapter or 2 a day. This means I’ll be isolating myself this weekend (no Reddit reposts or updates past tomorrow until next week. Sad, I know).

A word to the aspiring novelist out there who is tackling a NanoWriMo project for the first time. Don’t focus much on the details like scenery, character descriptions, and other things beyond those that are essential to the plot. You can enhance the atmosphere in the editing phase of your endeavor. Get the plot and the main characters out NOW. That should be the goal for this month (and any other NaNoWriMo).

In any case, the world beckons and I must return from whence I came.

See you tomorrow.


-Nick D.

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