Piracy Part 2: How to turn a negative into a positive

Well, today has taken an odd turn, that’s for sure. As you would expect, I got more emails from our offended individual. I’ll be posting our exchange shortly, but I’d like to recap what happened as a result of these e-mails: we have a new fan!

I told you it took an odd turn. 

After the last post, I got another angry e-mail from graphicvandalism738 (whom we know now as Johnny Alpha), but this one sounded different than the rest. Both on advice from people I trust, as well as playing a hunch as to the real nature  of the problem at hand, I decided to offer an olive branch and a way for Johnny Alpha to carry out his reviews of Torchbearer in a way that is beneficial to all of us.


And it is because of this we discovered that Johnny Alpha was not really a pirate: but a slightly overzealous fan, which we are A-OK with. 🙂 

Without further ado, here is our last e-mail exchanges:

Now You resort To slander and false accusations?

Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 3:56 PM

Johnny Alpha 

To: hello <hello@>

First Off I did not Use the entirety of your comic in my video! I will admit I used quite a bit but I edited it together out of continuity to make a trailer for it! You Know Like a movie Trailer! You Are trying to make it sound like I put it up panel for panel which is untrue! And Now I’m A Pirate for scanning my own personal copy of your rag to try and make a fun video to try and help! I’m Glad you decided to put My emails up on your front page it’s good to see how honest you are about treating your fans like crap!

Johnny Alpha

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