Progress!!! and some news.

Progress!!! and some news.

Greetings everyone,

Apologies for our silence last week, but our illustrious leader has decided to embark on another endeavor, and last week was the start of this sudden switch.

Yet, we’ve made significant progress with Torchbearer. The print run for NYCC has already shipped and we’re right now composing the limited run for BaltimoreCon, so it’s exciting. We’re also wrapping up work with Torchbearer #4. It should be released on August 14th. Right now, we’ve released the cover and the description of the issue. Feel free to have a look!

This is our first issue with Michael Montenat and Ron Riley handling the art, and the transition has been great. I personally am pretty proud of the details that Michael was able to highlight and this was an issue that was a joy to create.  With regards to Dennis, fret not, fans: he will return for a number of issues once his schedule clears up.

Let’s see, what else? Oh! Issue 5 is currently in production, and issues 6 and 7 are being outlined and written right now. When issue 5 will be released is still to be decided, but it will be sometime in October, with issue 6 slated for tentatively in December.

In other news, we have a meetup coming up which we will attend and talk about how to create comics. It’ll be on August 9th and it’s hosted by the Brooklyn Comic Book Creators Meetup. You can get the details here.

That’s it for the time being.

Until next week.


-Nick D.

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