Updates Part 1: We have a new website!

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Greetings everyone,

We are proud to announce the redesign of Odd Truth’s website. It’s been a long time coming, and now that our main developer is back we were able to accelerate our work on it. I encourage you to peruse through it, but here are some of the highlights of the new things we’ve added (aside from the gorgeous eye-candy theme, modified from a theme developed by WooThemes).

Redesign of the Torchbearer page!

The previous site did not really showcase the artwork involved in Torchbearer, so our new site is able to do so. Just as important, we also are showcasing the first 5 pages of each issue as a teaser, which is something we’ll be doing from now on with all of our issues.

Events Page!

We’ve added an events and calendar page to announce and keep track of the different conventions, conferences, meetups and other events that staff from Odd Truth will either attend or host. Later on, we’ll allow you all to register for events hosted by Odd Truth around NYC (and most likely at the conventions we attend). It’s a little bare-bones right now, but I doubt it’ll stay that way for long. We’ll add a calendar feed in the next few days.

Feed support and better social media integration!

Several fans and collaborators have asked for this functionality and we failed on this front before with our previous website and framework. No more!

EXTRA, EXTRA! Highlighting the press!

We’ve gotten some press and mentions throughout the web before that we’ve just failed to capitalize on. No longer!

Mug Shots! Putting a face to Odd Truth!

We’ve added pictures or avatars, as well as bios and other text for both Odd Truth staff and collaborators. These sections will be expanding as the company grows.

Better Back-end support!

All right, not many people really would care about this, but we’ve switched from our custom solution to WordPress. Personally, I had been hesitant from the get-go to use WordPress again, as it didn’t really seem to fit our needs. Thankfully, with WordPress 3, several new plug-ins and other improvements (*cough* discovering WooThemes *cough*), we are excited to be back on WordPress.

Again, feel free to peruse and enjoy the site. It’s a labor of love we’re very proud of.

Come back tomorrow when we announce some teasers and updates on Torchbearer #3, as well as explain why we’ve been behaving the way we’ve been behaving on Facebook.

See you then.


-Nick D.





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