Novel Writing Week 1: I've made a huge mistake

Novel Writing Week 1: I've made a huge mistake
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Greetings everyone,

Alas, progress on CampNanoWriMo has been slow thus far (life and other duties keep getting in the way). So far, I’ve outlined that there will be at least 25 chapters, so as to keep a good fast rhythm to the book.

So far, the summary remains unchanged from last week

In the outskirts of Partizansk, there is a small village where the Soviet Union still exists. Isolated from the rest of the world, they continue their mission: to raise children with psychic abilities into weapons of war. But when a group escapes to the land of the free, they realize that their troubles have only just begun.This will most definitely change as I write more.

Why this subject, you may ask? I’ve always found the paranormal to have a strange allure to me (fun historical fact: The first Odd Truth page was a collection of paranormal stuff way, way back in ’99-2000, and kept in a Homestead blog. The original site no longer exists. But, I digress). Psychics in particular, both for the power they claim to have and the frauds involved who prey on people who want to believe.

While brainstorming ideas for CampNanoWriMo, I recalled that the Soviet Union had a paranormal training program (they weren’t the only ones: The US did too with the Stargate Project, among others). In my search, I came across a soviet psychic named Nina Kulagina, who the Soviet government promoted as the real deal.

With that foundation, I asked:

“What if Nina was a real psychic, and not the only one?”

“What if the government had a program dedicated to creating psychics? How would that look?”

“What if these programs were around today, long after demise of the Soviet Union?”

“How would we react if we met them?”

I’d want to read that.

Until next week.


Nick D.

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