What's this? Pages and updates? Torchbearer 7?

What's this? Pages and updates? Torchbearer 7?
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Greetings everyone,

We interrupt our regularly scheduled silence to bring you some more news regarding Torchbearer.

To say that we’ve had a bit of a delay is a bit of an understatement. Truth be told, it’s been a series of unfortunate events, tragedy and just bad timing overall that has delayed Torchbearer #7. Nevertheless, onwards and upwards.

We’ve finished inking issue 7! Here’s some preview pages!

We’ve also updated the project page for Torchbearer #7, reflecting both the current status and the teaser storyline. We also have a new regular artist, Mr. Kenneth Branch, who’ll be working with us with Torchbearer. In fact, you can see his work above as he’s inked over the pencils of Don Walker, the artist for issue 7.

Also, given our delays, we’re actually going to be producing issues #8 and #9 at the same time, as issue #7 is being colored and lettered. For issue #8, we have Mike Lilly, another pro who’s worked in a lot of project for Marvel and DC. He’ll be spearheading the art on issue #8, as Ken takes over the art duties for issue 9.

All in all, we’re quite, quite excited to be moving forward with Torchbearer. We’re 3 issues away (or another quarter-volume) from completing the first year storyline (12 issues!).

That’s all for now. We’ve been really busy with a bunch of projects we’re not at liberty to discuss. But rest assured, as soon as we’re able, we’ll spread the good word about them.

Until next time.


-Nick D.

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