Quick Update: Printing and Distribution

Quick Update: Printing and Distribution
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Greetings everyone,

This week there’s not much to tell. Sandy has affected us worse than we thought, which might (though hopefully not) delay the release of issue 2. Red Stylo Press, our distribution partner, is selling and promoting issue 1 digitally  and in print, and they’ll be the first marketplace to release issue 2. Red Stylo will also be selling Torchbearer comics at the different conventions they attend. We’ll make sure to keep you up to date when and where they’ll be attending.

We’re also exploring our several options with regards to physically printing issue 2, and more importantly: getting on your comic book store shelves (and your own, obviously 🙂 ). While we love our current printer, Endeavor Printing, as we are still waiting to hear from Diamond, we will not be printing 500 copies of Torchbearer 2 (for now), which necessitates a change in printers. Also, we are looking into Amazon’s CreateSpace  as another distribution model we can use to release through Amazon physically and digitally.

I’ve also scheduled in a month (from mid December to mid January) that I’ll dedicate exclusively to finalizing the reader and distribution apps we talked about last week. Given the feedback we got from one of our enterprising readers, we might speed up the release of our Android app.

And here is where we are at a standstill as to the things I’m at liberty to talk about. Admittedly, this week hasn’t been the best for blog posts, but it’s been fantastic for writing and working on research.

Oh, perhaps I should explain that last comment. I am a Ph.D. researcher in Computer Science, working on an incredible field called Augmented Reality. I’ve built some cool stuff  in real life, which has in a way inspired some of the tech in Torchbearer. Life from time to time can get a bit complicated, but all’s well that ends well. Besides, who needs sleep, right?

That’s it for now.


-Nick D.

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