Updates: Where have we been all this time?

Updates: Where have we been all this time?
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Greetings everyone,

First off, rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. In all fairness, we apologize for having to keep quiet these past few weeks, but recently we’ve taken some steps to ensure our long-term survival. Specifically, we’ve taken some contract work that has taken more of our time than expected. While this has diverted some of our attention from some of our regular Odd Truth work (like promotions and website maintenance), we are still working fully on our comic book creations. In fact, as a direct result of this contract work, we are able to continue Torchbearer for another 12 issues, getting us closer to the 50 issues the storyline calls for.

So, yay!

If you’ve missed our weekly status reports, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve queued up several blog posts so that for the next few weeks we’ll be on time, briefing you of our thoughts and opinions of what’s going on with Odd Truth.

Onto our updates:

-Torchbearer 2 is out everywhere now, EXCEPT Comixology. It’s been approved and we’re waiting for it to be released. As soon as we know, we’ll announce it to the world (trust us, we’ve been waiting for this for as much as you).

– Torchbearer 3 is still on schedule. Not to toot our own horns here but we are extremely proud of how it’s shaping up. We certainly feel that this is our best work yet!

– The trade compilation of our three issues is progressing smoothly. We already have the cover settled on and we are gathering additional supplementary material now compliment the issues.

– We’re writing issue 4 now. Personally, I’m hesitating adding anything about issue 4 as a) it would reek of spoilers and b) it’s still being written. 😉

– Our reader apps are still in the works, but progress has been much slower than expected. Given our contracts, we’ve had to lend our iOS developer out, which means he has not been pursuing further work on our reader apps. Which sucks, cause we have a fan ready and willing to port our app to Android.

– We will be going to C2E2 and will be sharing an artist alley table with Red Stylo Media. So, if you’re in Chicago between April 26-28th, stop by, say hi, pickup the trade and hang around. We love meeting our fans.

– We are definitely looking to bring a couple of interns on board to Odd Truth. We’re still hammering out the logistics of it, but we will be announcing in mid March.

– We are currently looking for a web admin/developer. If you’re interested, send us an email at hello (at)

That’s all for now.


– Nick D.

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