Updates and unsettling trends

Greetings everyone, 

First, the latest round of updates. Torchbearer 2 is finally out on Comixology! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re ecstatic that it’s out. And we are glad that Comixology Submit is finally open to the public! We are of the opinion that it’s a great time to be a creator, and Comixology Submit is a great way of leveling the playing field in terms of providing access to creators. Yet, we must also be cautious. In leveling the playing field, we will see a rise of amazing and not-so-amazing comic books in the market, which could lead to a backlash against the Make Comics movement. A similar thing happened in the US with the Video Game crash of 1983, and both we as creators and Comixology (along with the other marketplaces) would be wise to heed the lessons from history.

Then again, Nintendo came out from that crucible and dominated the marketplace. Perhaps there is hope for us yet. 😉

As for our current pipeline, Torchbearer 3 is still on schedule for release at the end of the month and Torchbearer 4 is done and in the editor’s hands. We’re continuing production on our first trade, deciding just what material to highlight. Torchbearer 5 is being outlined as well, and we are enthused and thrilled that our lead developer will resume his duties on March 16th! Finally, we’ll get these bugs fixed! 

In other news, I personally came across this video online about wealth disparity in the USA. It’s a sobering reminder of where we are right now as a country. Now, without getting on top of a political soap box, I bring this up because it directly ties with some of the themes we explore in Torchbearer: the unchecked power and control corporations (and individuals, really) can have. Now, does this mean that we will have corporations start buying up planets anytime in the near future? 

Probably not. But remember: corporations possessed and controlled Indiasubjugated China in order to control trade and a key resource,  founded and managed New EnglandVirginia  and a large part of the US before the British government took direct control over their charter. 

Imagine if Britain hand’t taken direct control. 

More importantly, what would you do if the corporations had maintained control?

That’s all for now.


-Nick D.

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