Updates and why we've been quiet

Updates and why we've been quiet
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Greetings everyone,

Some of you have noticed that we’ve missed our regularly scheduled Thursday rant  conversation with you, dear readers. In part this is due to Torchbearer 2  coming so close to being released. But, mainly it’s been because Odd Truth is undergoing a transformation of sorts. With the new year, Odd Truth has begun reassessing itself, its process, how it’s functioning and promoting itself, and we’ve looked at the entire production process and also how we are aligning ourselves with our hopes, dreams and future direction of the company. With that, we’ve had to bring in some new people, let go of others, and really start the transitioning out of our garage (of sorts) and into a true business model. And we’re getting there, but the process can be hard at this stage.

At the same time, there have been some major decisions taken by all individuals involved with Odd Truth that affect us considerably (most of these in a great sense) that also require that we reassess ourselves.

What this means is that, for the next few weeks, we might be a bit more silent than usual. The website might go down for a bit while it’s being worked on. Twitter may go spastic and start messaging you more often than you’d like. And other things.

We’ve learned (read: life has hammered it in to our thick heads) that the process is key. This is a fact that all start-up publishers must appreciate if they hope to survive. There are so many cogs involved in the comic book process, both in the creation and the distribution of it, and any one piece that’s damaged can significantly affect everything else. So, we’re taking steps to reduce the likelihood of that happening and if it does (we are the first to admit that no one’s perfect, us less so) we want to minimize the effect it could have.

And lastly, we seek to diversify. We at Odd Truth have a rich assortment of talent at our disposal that we haven’t fully utilized. In the next few months, we will. And we hope you’ll come to understand and appreciate that which we know to be truth:

We are Odd Truth Inc. And we’re here to stay.


Nick D.

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