Updates Part 2: Torchbearer 3

Updates Part 2: Torchbearer 3
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Greetings everyone,

Unfortunately, we’ve encountered another delay with Torchbearer. I must apologize to you all for this and rest assured, we’re taking steps to minimize this from happening again (for as long as we can reasonably prevent it). However, rest assured we’re working harder still to minimize the time it’ll take for Torchbearer #3 to get to your hands!

With that, I’m going to release the teaser text for Torchbearer #3, as well as some preview inks of the issue. Please keep in mind that these are works-in-progress and will most likely change when it’s printed.

Torchbearer 3: “Crash”

After the events of Carthulla, there is a price that must be paid by Prometheus for its actions.Events are set in motion that will have unexpected consequences for both Prometheus and Cayoti. As Cayoti and his collaborators plan their next steps, The Collectors are tightening the noose around Cayoti’s neck. Will they be able to capture Cayoti in time?

And here are a few panels of what’s coming up in issue #3.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about our updated game plan and what it means for Torchbearer in print and finally reveal the method to our facebook madness.

See you then.


-Nick D.


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