Vampire Weekend, Torchbearer and WWDC: A busy week indeed.

Vampire Weekend, Torchbearer and WWDC: A busy week indeed.
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Greetings everyone,

The week has come and gone here in San Francisco, and we’re just about to finish decompressing from WWDC and resume work on Odd Truth and our  respective day jobs come Monday. And while our posts are late, work on Torchbearer has been ongoing. Torchbearer 3 comes out next week as we’ve wrapped up all inks and colors and we’re moving onto lettering. After this, it’s just a matter of submitting it to the respective marketplaces, after which it ceases to be in our control. Both iBookstore  and Kindle have pretty quick turn-around times (less than a day), Comixology will likely take a month. Which sucks, I know. In the meantime, we’ve released the cover image for Torchbearer #3. Feel free to have a look.

Torchbearer #4 is in the inking stage and by the this time tomorrow, we should have the second-to-final draft of issue #5 done. From there on, we’ll need to step up work on our graphic novel project, as I want to start parallel production on that by mid July-August, looking for a December (at the latest) release. And, of course, outlining Torchbearer #6. And yes, I haven’t forgotten about the novel that’s still pending, but I’m sure you, dear fans, can understand why I’m not prioritizing that story at this time.

So, with that, and as promised, I’m opening up the following form so you all can sign up and have a free copy of issue 3 available to you on the platform of your choice. I’ve added PDF/CBR here cause it’s an option I believe we all should have. I am running the risk of having issue 3 leaked and shared illegally, and you all know how I feel about that. But, I’d rather run the risk of having my issue stolen than not address the disservice we’ve done to our fans.

One thing about the form. By filling out the form, your information will also be stored and we will create an Odd Truth account. Which, right now means nothing, but in the future, once we release apps and games, we will be tying content to this account, including any and all Torchbearer issues we have and will release.

Note from 2023: Original form was shut down some time ago, so we're not linking to it anymore.

Now, quick recap of WWDC. For those not aware, WWDC is Apple’s Developer conference, where they gather 5000 individuals who develop on Apple’s platforms (iOS and OSX) to both learn and meet with each other, while at the same time meet and have questions answered by the core engineers and business people who work with the technologies they use. There aren’t that many technical conferences that combine the glitz and glamour of product reveals, with the work and availability of resources that Apple provides to its developer base. Needless to say, we were honored to be there.

I’m sure all Odd Truth fans that own iOS devices are aware of iOS 7, which was announced at the WWDC Keynote (and a few (140) feet away from yours truly). Seeing the exhilaration and enthusiasm at the Keynote (and that Mac Pro was gorgeous) was truly a one-of-a-kind experience and, personally, made me excited to work with iOS. After I woke up the next day and started attending the sessions, my enthusiasm was more than justified. Alas, I can’t talk about what I saw (all Apple developers are under an NDA). But, what I can say is that we are definitely pushing up some projects we had in our pipeline for next year and starting production on them this year.

However, I can share some of the pictures taken at WWDC. They mainly tell the story of how we waited in line, some of the cool non-NDA stuff we saw, the concert Apple hosted for us, headlined by Vampire Weekend (a band I shamefully admit had no idea who they were, but since grown to appreciate them) and other bits and pieces. Enjoy.

Well, that’s all for now. Some scripts and code await for me as I prepare for my return to the East Coast.

See you next week.


-Nick D.

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