Piracy and DCMA takedown notices

The first of our interactions with online pirates.
Piracy and DCMA takedown notices
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Before we do our recap on NYCC, I just wanted to share an interesting thing that’s happened to us. Less than 2 weeks after our release, we found several copies of our initial release pirated out there on the Internet. Now, this shouldn’t have surprised us: we knew it would eventually happen. We just were surprised by how quickly it happened. 

Now, piracy is wrong. I don’t condone it. And given how we’ve put in a lot of our money into producing this comic book, it really hurts, both emotionally and financially. However, we’ve accepted that piracy is going to occur, and we will take steps to minimize it as best as we can, but we’re going to focus most of our attention into delivering great products and a great reading experience for you, the readers. 

Yet, even so, we were pretty upset when we found a video of our entire comic book online on YouTube that was the first thing people found when they search “Torchbearer Comic”. That simply would kill our sales if we allowed it to persist. So, we issued a DCMA takedown notice to Youtube and they complied. 

That should be the end of our story, right? 


I was engaged by the owner of the channel, graphicvandalism731 on YouTube via email. Here’s what he had to say to me:

how dare you!

Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 8:47 PM

Johnny Alpha 

To: hello@

I Am a huge fan of all comics and try and help smaller ones like yours get better known! I created a fun short non spoiling trailer for your comic torchbearer for my youtube channel and you creeps stuck me with a copy right infringement complaint! You penalize me a fan for trying to make a video about your comic because I like it! Well guess what I will be from now On Boycotting you your company and your comic and  will be getting all my comic reading fans and friends to do the same! See I am on a talk radio show on psn! Good Luck Getting your shitty little Imprint off the ground now!!

Johnny Alpha!

But wait! There’s a part two!

how dare you part 2

Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 9:27 PM

Johnny Alpha

To: hello@

Odd truth?? You want to know an odd truth?? I’m sure you know this but your little imprint has a snow balls chance in hell at ever being successful! Especially with this time you have chosen to launch! You would have needed fans like me to help get your name out there! But no you had to just come out and alienate me for trying to help promote your mediocre comic book! and what a time you chose Big 2 are making their push with Marvel now and year 2 of new 52! you really think with out fan hep you could get your inane product noticed! and Now I am making it my focus to make sure No One ever reads your crappy Phillip K . Dick rip off! May Odd truth Burn in Hell

Johnny Alpha 

Now, I have to say: I’m secretly glad someone feels so passionately about my comic book to be this upset. And really, a Phillip K. Dick rip-off? Sweet! I love that he put me in such good company, though he really should have waited until issue 3 when I start introducing reality-bending notions. But hey, to each their own, right? 

So, here’s my response to his e-mail:

Nicolas Dedual (Odd Truth Inc) <nick@>

Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 12:58 PM

To: Johnny Alpha

Cc: hello@

Hi Johnny, 

Thank you for being such a fan! We understand why you are fan of our comic book Torchbearer and can appreciate why you are upset your video was taken down. Had you done as you said and just ripped, like, 5 pages and made it clear to your audience where to get the comic book, we would have been fine with it and appreciated the publicity. We are new, after all, and could use all the publicity we can get. 

However, this isn’t what you did. You uploaded the entire comic book. Therefore, there’s no incentive for anyone to purchase Torchbearer #1. And that’s why we were forced to issue a DCMA. If you’d really like to help, then genuinely help. Make reviews, provide ways for people to get and download the comic (given that you sent this through our company site, I’m sure you found out where the comic is available through our Torchbearer page at, help us get the word out.

Honestly, though, you are more than welcome to boycott our site ( By all means, tell your “audience” that they shouldn’t go to and download this amazing comic Torchbearer that you love to hate. And tell them why. And please, share the link of your podcast with us when you do. We’d love to hear it. 

You should know that I’m making this exchange live on our site for all to see. You’ll be on the front page! Enjoy!


Nicolas Dedual, owner of Odd Truth Inc. 

PS. Thanks for calling me a Phillip K. Dick rip-off! Of all the people you could have chosen, I could have done much worse. Cheers!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Once I have more e-mails from pirates, I’ll share them as well. 


-Nick D.

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