Torchbearer - Issue 5: A Wet Affair

With the civilians of Nova Amazonia rescued, and Cayoti’s chance of recovery dwindling with each passing month, the Torchbearers resume their operations. Their next mission: neutralize Prometheus’ new research project. No matter who or what gets in their way.
Torchbearer - Issue 5: A Wet Affair


Nicolas Dedual - Writer

Michael Montenat - Illustrator

Ron Riley - Colorist

Dave Lanphear - Letterer

M.I. Annoni - Editor

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Torchbearer - Issue 2: One Month Later

Torchbearer - Issue 2: One Month Later

It’s been one month since the initial attack at Hyperia, and Prometheus is nowhere close to discovering who’s behind it. But this latest attack is just too big to ignore. The gloves are coming off. Prometheus is sending their big guns. Pray you don’t get in their way.
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