How to make comic books, as a writer.

Greetings everyone!<br><br><br>While at&nbsp;<a href=””>New York Comic Con</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;promoting <a href=””>Torchbearer</a>, I was asked by several you what do you need in order to make comics. Speaking as a writer, there are three things you need to know in order to write comic books: <br><br>1) You need to know how to write <br><br>2) You need to know […]

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T-minus 2 days to NYCC!

Greetings everyone! We are 2 days away from NYCC and we are noticeably excited! We are geared up, ready to set up our booth (768, find it here!) and ready to go. We have some major announcements for NYCC. Our artist, Dennis Calero, will be signing on our booth on Friday and Saturday. We’ve also secured […]

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Extra!! Extra!!

Greetings everyone! We’re 5 days away from NYCC and we’re extremely excited! We already have issue 1 of Torchbearer sent out to the printers, all of our merchandise (T-shirts and prints) have arrived and are ready for the show! One other announcements: Torchbearer is out digitally on three new markets: iBooks  Amazon Kindle  Drive Thru […]

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