Introducing... Legends of the Kaironauts!

Introducing our latest graphic novel project: Legends of the Kaironauts!
Introducing... Legends of the Kaironauts!
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Greetings everyone!

The day is finally here. I for one would like to introduce you to our next graphic novel project: "Legends of the Kaironauts"!

This is a story that's very near and dear to me. While yes, it is an action-adventure, swashbuckling sort of tale, it's also a tale of friendship, grief and loss, and frankly, one I needed to write after 2017.

The whole graphic novel is 318 pages, divided into 6 chapters. Each chapter is divided as follows:

  • Chapter 1: 32 pages
  • Chapter 2: 42 pages
  • Chapter 3: 78 pages
  • Chapter 4: 64 pages
  • Chapter 5: 56 pages
  • Chapter 6: 46 pages

There's a reason why we stuck to a 6 chapter structure, which we'll go into more detail later on (certainly after chapter 2 is published). However, one of the benefits this structure afforded us is that we were able to write the flow unencumbered by the current expectations of the comic book market. It was always my goal to write this book as a graphic novel, and there's specific intent and reasons behind each chapter break.

Getting this project has been... troublesome to get production started on, primarily because of its length and its attention to detail. Months were spent per chapter researching any historical events where our protagonists find themselves, what kind of clothes people wore, languages spoken, building facades, navy ships in use by the French in 1902 that could potentially be present in the Caribbean, battle locations and tactics employed by rebels in St. Lucia... the list goes on and on. In fact, if we were to include all of the image references and text references that are included in our master script of all 6 chapters, we're talking about 673 pages!

But, I digress.

Regardless of the past, we feel confident that before the end of the year we'll have published chapter 1. Between now and the publication of each chapter, we'll be publishing updates, behind the scenes work and, after each chapter's out, we'll dive deeper into why the chapter exists the way it does, and highlight the historicity of events our Kaironauts find themselves in the middle of.

This is a labor of love that we're very proud to share with you all.

Talk soon!


-Nick D.

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