Updates on Kaironauts

Wherein we discuss the latest progress of Legends of the Kaironauts, chapter 1
Updates on Kaironauts
Artwork from chapter 1 of Legends of the Kaironauts

Greetings everyone,

We've been hard at work this year with Legends of the Kaironauts. There's definitely been a lot more complications than anticipated, but we're finally on track! We're finally completed over 2/3rds of the final artwork for the chapter, and we're really excited to share what we have.

So, without further ado...

We love it!

If there's no further delays and complications, we expect to be done with Chapter 1 by late January/Mid February. While the artwork's being finalized, we'll also be gearing up our Kickstarter for the book. Our goal for the Kickstarter is to minimize the time between the end of the campaign and you receiving the book (it's why we're only going to start the campaign after the chapter's finalized). So, if all goes well, I think by May of 2024 we'll have the first chapter in reader's hands!

However, for our blog members, we have an additional, very special treat. If you're a member, you'll be able to download the script for chapter 1 with the current artwork embedded in its pages. If you've been curious about how we make our comic books (or how comic books are made in general), this is a great behind-the-scenes resource.

In any case, we're all very excited for the release of this chapter. It's been a long and arduous journey, but well worth every step along it.

Until next time!


-Nick D.

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