A blend of Corporate Espionage and Science Fiction, Torchbearer is the story of the Torchbearers, a group of individuals that have risen up against the corporatocracy of Prometheus Inc, and the actions they take to stop Prometheus Inc before it’s too late.
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Dedual has set up a great universe with lots of interesting elements. I would love to see how it came to be that this corporation was running everything. There’s a quick history lesson when someone asks about Earth, but I think it would be quite interesting to know what, if anything, this corporation is doing that’s benevolent. If it’s always been evil, how have they hid that from the public? In other words, how did they get into the position they’re in? And does that mean that it’s one segment of the corporation that’s evil? Or does it come from the top? There are so many fascinating things to explore here.

Eric Mesa / ComicPow

...the story is very compelling. The story told in issue #2 by itself is a fantastic attention grabber, but it's merely a piece of a giant puzzle.

Comic Unknown / Comic Unknown

This is fun sci-fi, sort of like Warren Ellis with libido in check. It's a saga of intrigue and impossible odds, set in a tomorrow way way way ahead of the here and now, where the fate of the world is left up to a handful of mysterious individuals.

Richard Caldwell / The Lottery Party

Dennis Calero's heavy inks lend greatly to all the sneaking around that is happening. He's really brought to life the futuristic world that Dedual has crafted in TORCHBEARER. I'm very much looking forward to seeing more from this team.

Ashley Neuhaus / Amber Unmasked

The art is serviceable, the story moves along nicely, the dialogue is believable, the characters seem to have some depth, and the world building is just fine.

Steve Morris / Comics Bulletin

Series Issues

Issue 1: "07:47" Issue 2: One Month Later Issue 3: Crash Issue 4: Corporamachy Issue 5: A Wet Affair Issue 6: Pythia 5 Issue 7: QSTS-329 Issue 8: Stealing the Omphalos Issue 9: Above Hyperian Skies Issue 10: Foundations and Appearances, Part 1 Issue 11: Foundations and Appearances, Part 2 Issue 12: ... Are Often Deceiving Issue 13: The Shape of Things to Come
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